30 Years of Engineering Lebanese Heritage:

Manufacturing Coffee Grinders and Roasters.

Black EG-100S Coffee Grinder

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Why Elissa Co?

Over the past three decades, we have honed and incorporated the most vital attributes that coffee grinder manufacturers on the market offer. As a result, we present you with the following:

  • 01 Durability

    Our grinders are meticulously engineered with a tough and sturdy design, purpose-built to withstand the demanding workload of high-traffic shops and industrial settings. We understand the importance of durability, which is why our products are crafted to endure. Count on our coffee grinders to deliver exceptional performance and longevity that surpasses expectations.

  • We embrace minimalism as a guiding principle in our machine design, ensuring longevity that stands the test of time. By avoiding complex mechanisms, we prioritize simplicity and reliability. Our approach minimizes maintenance requirements and reduces costs for our valued customers. Experience the beauty of streamlined functionality with our machines, built to deliver lasting performance without compromising on quality.

  • Experience industrial-grade excellence with our precision-engineered chromium steel alloy burrs. Built to endure rigorous demands, they can grind an impressive two tonnes of coffee before resharpening. Designed for efficient heat dissipation, our burrs swiftly cool during grinding, preserving the distinctive roast profile of your coffee. Elevate your industrial coffee grinding with our durable burrs, ensuring uncompromising quality and longevity.


Here is a list of the major services we offer:

Maintenance and Repair

We provide comprehensive maintenance and repair services for coffee grinders and roasters.

Spare Parts

We provide genuine spare parts to ensure the longevity and smooth operation of your coffee grinders and roasters.

Technical Support

We offer reliable technical support to address any inquiries or issues you may have with our products.

VFD Integration

Our three-phase grinders come with an optional Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) integration. This feature allows you to operate the grinder on a single-phase power line, providing flexibility and convenience.

Check out the Elissa Roaster!

Introducing our unique and minimalistic two-story roaster, expertly designed to fit perfectly into small shops while consistently delivering the perfect roast. Experience the precision and efficiency of our innovative design. Place your order now to elevate your coffee roasting experience.

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