Precision Grinding

29 years of manufacturing your coffee grinders.

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Why Elissa Co?

Coffee grinder manufacturers on the market vary in what they have to offer. We took the most essential qualities and built them over the past three decades to provide you with the following:

  • 01 Durability

    A Tough and sturdy design to withstand the heavy workload of high traffic shops and industrial settings. Our grinders are designed to last.

  • Our machines are designed with minimalism as a principle to withstand the test of time. We avoid using complex mechanisms in our machinery to reduce maintenance and cost on the customers side.

  • We manufacture our burrs using a special steel alloy that grinds two tonnes of coffee before the next resharpening. This alloy's chemical composition allows fast cooling to preserve your roast profile while grinding.


Here is a list of the major services we offer:


We service everything that is related to our grinders and roasters by appointment.


We refurbish older models that need a little fit check, returning them to you fresh from the factory.

Online Assistance

If you are located outside of Lebanon, we offer our assistance to help you troubleshoot potential grinding problems.

VFD Integration

Our three phase grinders are offered with an optional VFD that allows you to operate it on a single phase line.

Check out the Baal Roaster!

Our minimalistic two story roaster is designed to fit in small shops and deliver the perfect roast every time. Order yours now.